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Donations: $0
Version Minecraft 1.7.10
Players 1 / 150
Status Server is online

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Status: Featured
ServerName: Project Naruto(NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT!!!)
Languages: English Mostly, but all languages are allowed
Website: http://projectnaruto.jingames.net
Group: http://discord.gg/x36RFPh
Owner: Trenduim
Contact: Discord:Hashirama Senju #9420
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403

Welcome to the NEW project Naruto. Our goal is now to draw in as much help as we can to make the server as great as possible.Currently we are working on more things than have ever been done in this server's history, but here's a quick run of everything so far, just in case you're interested.

We've got ranks, villages, and more, right now we have Konoha and the sand village, but all of the main villages will be of top priority, right alongside the akatsuki hideout, and the Anbu black ops Base of operations, each with their own unique questlines! Now I know this sounds like a lot of work, but maybe you can help us out? who knows! If you are a hard worker and good learner, or if you already know custom npc's and worldedit, OR if you just want a server to play naruto C on, seeing as there aren't many out there...Come try us out! 

                                                      Thanks in advance,


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